Hans Christian Barth has been a member of the German Photography Society since the age of 12.

After finishing photography school, he worked for Benetton Germany before joining a Multimedia
Company as a photographer/producer.

In 1991 Hans Christian moved to Miami to work full-time as a professional fashion photographer.

After 3 years, he migrated north to New York City where he continued evolving his portfolio before
returning to Munich, where he currently resides.

1995 saw Hans Christian enter the world of cinematography on a shoot for a Claudia Schiffer TV show.
Thrilled by the experience of working with the moving image, he soon began shooting TV commercials for
a variety of clients.

Hans Christian is professionally based out of both Munich and Saarbruecken where he is actively engaged in
blurring the lines between still and moving photography.

Among his clients are Sony, Microsoft, Deutsche Bahn, Porsche, BMW, Bridgestone, ZDF and others.

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